Shock SuspenStories (1952 - 1955)

Shock SuspenStories #1 (Febrero - Marzo 1952)

"The Neat Job!" (Jack Kamen)
"Yellow!" (Jack Davis)
"The Monsters!" (Joe Orlando)
"The Rug!" (Graham Ingels)

Shock SuspenStories #2 (Abril - Mayo 1952)

"Kickback!" (Jack Kamen)
"Gee Dad... It's a Daisy!" (Wally Wood)
"The Patriots!!" (Jack Davis)
"Halloween!" (Graham Ingels)

Shock SuspenStories #3 (Junio - Julio 1952)

"Just Desserts!" (Jack Kamen)
"The Guilty!" (Wally Wood)
"The Big Stand Up!" (Joe Orlando)
"Stumped!" (Jack Davis)

Shock SuspenStories #4 (Agosto - Septiembre 1952)

"Split Second!" (Jack Kamen)
"Confession" (Wally Wood)
"Strictly Business!" (Joe Orlando)
"Uppercut!" (Jack Davis)

Shock SuspenStories #5 (Octubre - Noviembre 1952)

"Well-Traveled!" (Jack Kamen)
"Hate!" (Wally Wood)
"What Fur?!" (Joe Orlando)
"Cold Cuts!" (Jack Davis)

Shock SuspenStories #6 (Diciembre - Enero 1953)

"Dead Right!" (Jack Kamen)
"Under Cover!" (Wally Wood)
"Not So Tough!" (Joe Orlando)
"Sugar 'N Spice 'N..." (Graham Ingels)

Shock SuspenStories #7 (Febrero - Marzo 1953)

"Beauty and the Beach!" (Jack Kamen)
"The Bribe!" (Wally Wood)
"Infiltration" (Joe Orlando9
"The Small Assassin!" (George Evans)

Shock SuspenStories #8 (Abril - Mayo 1953)

"Piecemeal" (Jack Kamen)
"The Assault!" (Wally Wood)
"The Arrival" (Al Williamson)
"Seep No More!" (George Evans)

Shock SuspenStories #9 (Junio - Julio 1953)

"The October Game" (Jack Kamen)
"Came the Dawn!" (Wally Wood)
"The Meddlers!" (Joe Orlando)
"Carrion Death!" (Reed Crandall)

Shock SuspenStories #10 (Agosto - Septiembre 1953)

"The Sacrifice" (Jack Kamen)
"...So Shall Ye Reap!" (Wally Wood)
"Home Run!" (Joe Orlando)
"Sweetie-Pie" (Reed Crandall)

Shock SuspenStories #11 (Octubre - Noviembre 1953)

"The Tryst!" (Johnny Craig)
"In Gratitude..." (Wally Wood)
"The Space Suitors" (Reed Crandall)
"...Three's A Crowd" (Jack Kamen)

Shock SuspenStories #12 (Diciembre - Enero 1954)

"Deadline" (Jack Kamen)
"The Monkey" (Joe Orlando)
"The Kidnapper" (Reed Crandall)
"Fall Guy" (Wally Wood)

Shock SuspenStories #13 (Febrero - Marzo 1954)

"Only Skin-Deep" (Jack Kamen)
"Blood-Brothers" (Wally Wood)
"Upon Reflection" (Reed Crandall)
"Squeeze Play" (Frank Frazetta)

Shock SuspenStories #14 (Abril - Mayo 1954)

"The Orphan" (Jack Kamen)
"The Whipping" (Wally Wood)
"You, Murderer" (Bernard Krigstein)
"As Ye Sow..." (George Evans)

Shock SuspenStories #15 (Junio - Julio 1954)

"Raw Deal" (Jack Kamen)
"The Confidant" (Wally Wood)
"For Cryin' Out Loud!" (Reed Crandall)
"Well Trained" (George Evans)

Shock SuspenStories #16 (Agosto - Septiembre 1954)

"...My Brother's Keeper" (George Evans)
"The Hazing" (Joe Orlando)
"A Kind of Justice" (Reed Crandall)
"The Pen is Mightier" (Jack Kamen)

Shock SuspenStories #17 (Octubre - Noviembre 1954)

"4-Sided Triangle" (Jack Kamen)
"In Character" (Reed Crandall)
"The Assassin" (George Evans)
"The Operation" (Joe Orlando)

Shock SuspenStories #18 (Diciembre - Enero 1955)

"Cadillac Fever!" (George Evans)
"The Trap" (Jack Kamen)
"In the Bag" (Bernard Krigstein)
"Rundown" (Reed Crandall)

Crime SuspenStories (1950 - 1955)

Crime SuspenStories #1 (Octubre - Noviembre 1950)

"Murder May Boomerang" (Johnny Craig)
"Death's Double-Cross" (Wally Wood)
"A Snapshot of Death!" (Graham Ingels)
"High Tide!" (Harvey Kurtzman)

Crime SuspenStories #2 (Diciembre - Enero 1951)

"Dead-Ringer!" (Johnny Craig)
"A Moment of Madness!" (Graham Ingels)
"The Corpse in the Crematorium" (Johnny Craig)
"Contract For Death!" (Jack Kamen)

Crime SuspenStories #3 (Febrero - Marzo 1951)

"Poison!" (Johnny Craig)
"The Giggling Killer" (Harvey Kurtzman)
"Faced With Horror!" (Wally Wood)
"Blood Red Wine!" (Graham Ingels)

Crime SuspenStories #4 (Abril - Mayo 1951)

"Backlash!" (Johnny Craig)
"Premium Overdue!" (Jack Kamen)
"Conniver!" (Jack Davis)
"Heads-Up!" (Graham Ingels)

Crime SuspenStories #5 (Junio - Julio 1951)

"The Sewer!" (Johnny Craig)
"Mr. Biddy... Killer!" (Jack Davis)
"The Guillible One" (Jack Kamen)
"Partially Dissolved" (Graham Ingels)

Crime SuspenStories #6 (Agosto - Septiembre 1951)

"A Toast... To Death!" (Johnny Craig)
"Out of My Mind!" (Jack Kamen)
"The Switch" (George Roussos)
"Jury Duty!" (Graham Ingels)

Crime SuspenStories #7 (Octubre - Noviembre 1951)

"Hatchet-Killer!" (Johnny Craig)
"Revenge!" (Jak Kamen)
"Phonies" (Jack Davis)
"Horror Under the Big Top!" (Graham Ingels)

Crime SuspenStories #8 (Diciembre - Enero 1952)

"Out of the Frying Pan..." (Johnny Craig)
"A Trace of Murder!" (Jack Kamen)
"The Escaped Maniac!" (George Roussos)
"Parnership Dissolved!" (Graham Ingels)

Crime SuspenStories #9 (Febrero - Marzo 1952)

"Understudy to a Corpse!" (Johnny Craig)
"Medicine!" (Jack Kamen)
"Cut!" (Jack Davis)
"A Tree Grows in Borneo!" (Graham Ingels)

Crime SuspenStories #10 (Abril - Mayo 1952)

"...Rocks In His Head!" (Johnny Craig)
"Lady Killer" (Jack Kamen)
"Missed By Two Heirs!" (Jack Davis)
"Friend To 'Our Boys'!" (Graham Ingels)

Crime SuspenStories #11 (Junio - Julio 1952)

"Stiff Punishment!" (Johnny Craig)
"One Man's Poison!" (Jack Kamen)
"Two For One!" (Jack Davis)
"Four For One!" (Jack Davis)
"A Fool and His Honey Are Soon Parted!" (Graham Ingels)

Crime SuspenStories #12 (Agosto - Septiembre 1952)

"The Execution!" (Johnny Craig)
"Murder the Lover!" (Jack Davis)
"Murder the Husband!" (Jack Davis)
"Snooze To Me!" (Jack Davis)
"Paralyzed!" (Graham Ingels)

Crime SuspenStories #13 (Octubre - Noviembre 1952)

"Hear No Evil!" (Johnny Craig & Jack Kamen)
"First Impulse!" (Sid Check)
"Second Chance?" (Sid Check)
"A Question of Time!!" (Al Williamson)
"Forty Whacks!" (Jack Kamen)

Crime SuspenStories #14 (Diciembre 1952 - Enero 1953)

"Sweet Dreams!" (Johnny Craig)
"The Perfect Place!" (Jack Kamen)
"The Electric Chair" (Fred Peters)
"The Hangman's Noose" (Fred Peters)
"The Guillotine" (Fred Peters)
"Private Performance" (Graham Ingels)

Crime SuspenStories #15 (Febrero - Marzo 1953)

"When the Cat's Away..." (Johnny Craig)
"The Screaming Woman!" (Jack Kamen)
"Water, Water Everywhere..." (George Evans)
"...And Not A Drop to Drink" (George Evans)
"Hail and Heart-y!" (Graham Ingels)

Crime SuspenStories #16 (Abril - Mayo 1953)

"Rendezvous!" (Johnny Craig)
"Fission Bait!" (Jack Kamen)
"Come Clean!" (Al Williamson)
"Who's Next!" (Joe Orlando)

Crime SuspenStories #17 (Junio - Julio 1953)

"Touch and Go!" (Johnny Craig)
"One For the Money..." (Jack Kamen)
"Fired!" (Al Williamson & Frank Frazetta)
"...Two For the Show!" (Bill Elder)

Crime SuspenStories #18 (Agosto - Septiembre 1953)

"Fall Guy For Murder" (Johnny Craig)
"Juice For the Record!" (Bill Elder)
"Frozen Assets!" (Jack Kamen)
"From Here to Insanity" (Reed Crandall)

Crime SuspenStories #19 (Octubre - Noviembre 1953)

"The Killer" (Reed Crandall)
"Wined-Up!" (George Evans)
"Murder May Boomerang" (Johnny Craig)
"About Phase" (George Evans)

Crime SuspenStories #20 (Diciembre - Enero 1954)

"Fire Trap!" (Johnny Craig)
"The Welchers" (Jack Davis)
"Double Jeopardy" (Jack Kamen)
"Plane Murder" (Reed Crandall)

Crime SuspenStories #21 (Febrero - Marzo 1954)

"Mother's Day" (Reed Crandall)
"In The Groove" (Jack Kamen)
"Understudies!" (Johnny Craig)
"Blood Brothers" (George Evans)

Crime SuspenStories #22 (Abril - Mayo 1954)

"In Each And Every Package" (Reed Crandall)
"Monotony" (Bernard Krigstein)
"Cinder Block" (Jack Kamen)
"Sight Unseen" (Joe Orlando)

Crime SuspenStories #23 (Junio - Julio 1954)

"This'll Kill You!" (Reed Crandall)
"Standing Room Only" (Jack Kamen)
"Return Blow" (Reed Crandall)
"Last Resort" (George Evans)

Crime SuspenStories #24 (Agosto - Septiembre 1954)

"Double-Crossed" (Reed Crandall)
"Crushed Ice" (Jack Kamen)
"Food For Thought" (Joe Orlando)
"More Blessed to Give..." (Bernard Krigstein)

Crime SuspenStories #25 (Octubre - Noviembre 1954)

"Three For the Money" (Jack Kamen)
"Dog Food" (Reed Crandall)
"Key Chain" (Bernard Krigstein)
"The Squealer" (George Evans)

Crime SuspenStories #26 (Diciembre - Enero 1955)

"The Fixer" (Jack Kamen)
"Dead Center" (Joe Orlando)
"The Firebug" (Reed Crandall)
"Comeback" (Jack Kamen)

Crime SuspenStories #27 (Febrero - Marzo 1955)

"Maniac At Large" (George Evans)
"Just Her Speed" (Bernard Krigstein)
"Where There's Smoke..." (Jack Kamen)
"Good Boy" (Graham Ingels)